10 Best Email Clients For Windows In 2023 [Increase Productivity]

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      10 Best Email Clients For Windows In 2023 [Increase Productivity]

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      An email client is an application used to send and receive emails. It is typically installed on your computer, but some email clients can also be accessed from a web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

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      Email clients are available for a wide range of operating systems, including Windows, macOS X, Linux, Android, and iOS. Some people choose to use webmail for their email client instead of using an email client built into their operating system.

      In order for an email client to connect to your mail server, you need either Internet access or an SMTP gateway installed on your computer (or both).

      Some clients will automatically detect these settings and connect without giving you any additional information about this process.

      Others will require you to manually enter them into their settings screens before they work properly.

      Email clients come in various forms and specialize in different areas of functionality.

      Some simply allow you to send and receive emails, while others provide more customization options and advanced features such as group messaging, calendars, contact management, and more.

      A few reasons why you might need an email client:

      • Sending messages to multiple people at once (e.g., when sending a group message)
      • Editing or creating complex email messages
      • Accessing data from other applications (such as Microsoft Word)

      Here are the ten top email clients to choose from for a Windows.

      1. Microsoft Outlook

      Microsoft Outlook is the most popular email client for Windows. It comes bundled with Microsoft Office 365, is available for free (for home use), and runs on all modern versions of Windows, including Windows 10, 8.1, and 7.

      It can also be installed separately if you do not have access to it via the operating system.


      Outlook is an email client with features similar to other programs such as Gmail or Mailbox.

      It allows users to create and send emails, organize their email accounts, and view their messages from any device.

      It is also one of the most feature-rich email clients available today, allowing users to customize their inboxes with tabs and folders, set up filters and rules based on who receives their messages, and more.


      Email Attachments

      You can attach multiple files or contacts from any location with just a few clicks. If you want to send an image or video file, just click on the “Send File” button located in the toolbar at the top of your screen.

      Manage Clients

      You can quickly switch between clients by clicking on “File” > “Manage Accounts”. This will give you access to all your email accounts so that if one goes down, you can easily switch over to another one until it comes back online again.

      Email Folders

      The folder feature allows you to create folders within folders so that each folder has its own subfolder containing messages from specific people or groups of people that share common interests or projects together (for example).


      Searching Difficulty

      Outlook doesn’t have an option for searching within your inbox by keyword or topic — you have to search through every single email in your inbox.

      That can be tedious if you end up with a lot of important emails from one sender or group of senders (like a mailing list).

      In addition, it’s difficult to search for old messages in your inbox after the date range has expired.

      Compromises Your Security

      Outlook uses client certificates to encrypt and protect messages.

      However, if an attacker has access to your Outlook account, they can easily extract your passwords and other sensitive information.

      This means that while outlook.com is a great tool for keeping your email communications secure, it doesn’t offer the same level of security as Gmail or other webmail services.

      2. Thunderbird

      Developed by Mozilla, Thunderbird comes equipped with features such as newsfeed, chat, and calendaring (event or appointment setting).


      This cross-platform and open-source email client provides you with freedom of communication unlike the closed platforms (software systems wherein the service provider has complete control of the content, apps, etc.) like Apple iOS.

      Thunderbird is free, customizable, and compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10.


      Hassle-Free Setup

      The mail account setup wizard doesn’t require any IMAP, SMTP, and SSL/TLS settings.

      All it asks for is a name, email, and password, which you can configure with multiple email addresses for a smooth sending and reception of emails.

      Tabbed Email Feature

      It is an exquisite add-on that loads emails in separate tabs for quick vaulting from one tab to another.

      Once you close the app, the visible tabs are saved and restored automatically.

      Manage Large Files Easily

      A customized email experience enables you to manage larger files easily.

      These files can be uploaded to an online storage provider to accelerate their transfer. You can share the links of these files instead of sending the file as a direct message attachment.


      Doesn’t Support Encryption

      Its servers do not support encryption which makes it susceptible to hacking attempts, and anyone on your network can monitor or interfere with your communications.

      Primitive Search And Sorting Options

      You can’t define multiple folders to search, so you’re limited to a single folder at a time.

      The sorting features are also limited; you can only sort by subject or sender, which is not helpful if you have several email accounts connected.

      It does include a full-featured address book, though, which is useful for keeping track of information about people — like their full name and company — across different email accounts.

      3. Mailbird

      Mailbird is a desktop email management client where you can easily maintain both personal and business emails from a unified and intuitive interface while keeping them separate.


      It is easy to use and navigate and allows you to configure the interface as per your preference.

      It supports Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11. It has a rich end-user experience via integrations with social media, team collaboration apps, and business productivity.


      Unified Inbox

      It incorporates multiple emails into a single accessible platform in a unified inbox.

      It also gives you reminders to reply to emails. Apart from this, the contact manager in Mailbird consolidates your contacts.

      Speed Reader

      The speed reader integrated into this app helps you scan through emails in no time, enhancing your email productivity by nearly 3 times.

      Increased Productivity

      It helps you better manage business communications via a seamless connection with popular apps, like Facebook, Instagram, Google Calendar, Microsoft To Do, Todoist, etc. Mailbird also comes with a ‘Snooze’ feature that lets you come back to your messages at a later time.


      No Message Filtering

      The basic search feature provided to locate past emails lacks any message filtering.

      The app fails to provide filters and other automation tools such as folders, reply suggestions, and more.

      Poor Email Classification

      The key email classification is poor, because of which the harmful attachments get downloaded despite being classified as spam.

      4. Zoho Mail

      It is an IMAP (Internal Messaging Access Protocol) client which is easy to set up, provided your email supports IMAP.

      It is a built-in collaboration platform that offers smooth intra-organization communication, turning out to be an excellent solution for simple as well as complex business communication needs.


      It is compatible with a wide range of Windows versions — 11, 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP, SP2, SP3, Server 2003, 2008, 2012, and 2016.

      It is bundled with collaboration tools that are easy to use as well as an extensive control panel that allows you to manage everything in one dashboard.


      Better Business Emails Organization

      The business emails can be organized with features such as the task module (creates manageable task schedules by dividing the work), contact module (helps in organizing contacts), notes module (allows you to create a virtual set of colorful sticky notes), calendar module (helps you to keep your upcoming events and engagements organized).

      One-Click Migration Tool

      It makes the process of importing emails, contacts, and docs simple.

      All it requires is your current account authentication.

      Long Email Chains — Eliminated

      Its collaborative workspace is convenient with freedom from long email chains.

      Also, emails can be quickly shared by simply using ‘@’ with the member’s name.

      Encrypted Email Storage

      The emails are stored in the servers in an encrypted format, which protects the data from privacy violations or hacking.


      Requires Heavy Customization

      It requires heavy customization to get started.

      You’ll have to set up user security, create different types of messages, and set up the email service for your organization.

      The platform also offers a limited number of integrations with third-party services like Google Drive and Salesforce.

      No Pre-Built Templates

      It doesn’t have any pre-built templates or themes to make it easier to create new emails.

      Instead, you have to build everything from scratch.

      You can customize the text and design of emails but there are no built-in templates or templates that come prebuilt with emails on most email clients.

      5. eM Client

      Originally developed in 2006, eM client is available for both Windows and macOS.

      Due to its Airsync support, it allows quick integration with Microsoft products.


      Its simple interface makes it easier for any user to set up a new account, and manage communication and IMAP (Internet Messaging Access Protocol) and SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) settings.

      It is compatible with all Windows versions.


      Encrypted Direct Communication

      The direct communication between eM client and your provider’s server is carried out via encrypted channels.

      Hence, it makes it a secure option and ensures the privacy of personal information. None of your data is sent to any third-party client.

      Easy Data Management

      It comes with standard productivity tools such as contact management, task scheduling, and calendars.

      In addition to this, the import/export data tool makes it easier to transfer information from other applications like Windows Mail, Microsoft Outlook, etc.

      Shuffling items between folders and accessing search and redo features is simple.

      The contextual information can be easily accessed through a unique sidebar.

      eM Client also integrates with Dropbox, and this lets you attach files directly from the cloud.

      Automatic Backup System

      It allows you to keep all your stored data intact. Once the backup option is activated, it allows you to choose from ‘Target Directory’ (for specifying where to save the backup files), ‘Frequency’ (how you want the emails to be backed up), and ‘Preserve Last’ (allows you to save a maximum of five backups).


      Poor Free-Version-Breadth

      Its free version is available only for personal use and supports only two accounts.

      If you need more than that, you have to pay a monthly fee for its pro version.

      Poor Technical Support

      It has a poor technical support system — CalDav(Calendar Distributed Authoring and Versioning) and CardDav(vCard Extensions to WebDAV).

      CardDav is slow and buggy, so you’ll need to use an external manager for it.

      Also, the calendar sync with Google Calendar is not up to date.

      6. Spike

      It is a collaborative email platform that brings together teams of all sizes to connect, create, and collaborate for achieving more.

      Released in 2013 by Chatflow Limites, Spike is compatible with Windows (most versions).


      It is a conversational email client that turns emails into chat formats that look like a textual conversation.

      It comes laden with productive tools such as Smart Inbox, chat, calendar, video, task management, and more.


      Real-Time Chat Interface

      With emails transformed into a real-time chat interface, you don’t need to follow long email threads or repeat headers or signatures.

      The ‘People’ mode (that can be switched back to the regular inbox mode) allows a seamless conversation, just like in the instant messaging services.

      The message composer can be expanded to get complete access to the full toolbar for formatting options.

      Single Powerful Inbox

      All the tools that are required in a single workflow can be found in a single powerful inbox.

      You don’t need to delete emails or classify them into folders, rather you can simply switch to a priority inbox.

      This email management system removes all the low-priority emails to the side (‘other’) for later.

      It can be activated simply from the customization bar in the account settings.

      Task Management Tool

      It helps you to manage projects, set reminders, switch between apps and manage the to-do list, therefore, providing managed fragmentation.


      Difficult Cloud Integration

      Its cloud integration with Google drive in the browser is difficult.

      You have to copy your data from Google Drive to Spike before you can use it, which can be time-consuming and complicated.

      You can only access your email from one device at a time, which might be inconvenient if you want to use Spike on your phone when you’re out of the office and need access to your email from home or another location.

      Sluggish Device Syncing

      It has a sluggish device syncing and email organization.

      Copy-pasting from an email in Spike is not possible, and so is saving the images from an HTML email.

      7. Polymail


      A simple interface with compelling features, Polymail is available as a desktop email app for Windows.

      It is an email service that is intuitive and uncluttered and syncs automatically with your email account.


      Collaboration And Email Mixed Together

      Teams can stay organized with collaboration and email brought together in one place.

      It provides you with real-time inputs, inline comments, and mentions in emails.

      Information can be shared directly with the tools within a team through apps like Slack or Salesforce.

      Automated Email Campaigns

      Task automation automates repetitive and manual tasks, such as meeting scheduling.

      You can increase customer outreach by automated campaign emails which helps in prospect engagement through outreach on autopilot.

      These prospects can be tracked to find the most ideal lead(s).

      Designed For Business ROI

      It is designed for business output and is bundled with exciting features, like email tracking (find when the people have read your emails), customized message templates (saves the hassle of re-typing the messages), and contact profiles (automatically shows company info and detailed contact profile).


      No Gmail Plugin

      There is no plugin platform to work directly with email providers like Gmail.

      In addition to being slightly overpriced compared to the services being provided, the new users might find this interface a bit puzzling.

      Unavailability Of Email Stages

      Once the email sequence is set up, you cannot add or separate the stages in the middle of the sequence.

      8. Postbox

      Postbox allows you to reuse the HTML snippets within the message responses.

      Its simple user interface helps effortlessly manage your email accounts and inbox.


      It has features capable of handling demanding workloads with its simple and to-the-point interface.

      It comes with intuitive searches, powerful tagging, and macros for daily actions.

      It is best for individual consultants, small to moderate-sized businesses, and educational institutions.


      Complete Filtering For Multiple Accounts

      Complete filtering can be created for a single account or across multiple accounts globally.

      This can be run automatically, periodically as well as manually from anywhere.

      The contacts can be added to the filter without opening the filter editor.

      Quick Archiving

      The messages can be moved to a dedicated archived folder from the inbox by simply clicking on the ‘Archive’ button on the toolbar or by using the ‘a’ key shortcut on the keyboard.

      The Quick Bar Versatility

      The Quick Move allows you to type the name of the target folder in the Quick Bar and auto-completes the suggestion. Similarly, Quick copy lets you copy the messages to the target folder in the Quick bar.


      Elimination Of Extensions

      With the removal of the Extension feature, you cannot sync contacts with Google or integrate with other tools like Salesforce.

      In addition to this, the Google integration is complex with mixed folders and labels and multiple junk mail systems.

      (A Little) Overpriced

      With a complex mailbox syncing and settings across the devices, it is a little overpriced along with a fee charged for every technical support provided.

      9. BlueMail


      BlueMail is one of the best free email clients available today.

      It is a cross-platform email and calendar app that helps you manage a large number of email accounts from various providers.

      It comes with an exciting feature of smart push notifications and group emailing, enabling the user to personalize multiple email accounts.

      There is also paid plans for premium features like app integration, and priority support.


      Clusters Feature

      It provides the ‘Clusters’ feature which has a convenient interface that is organized and catchy with stacked avatars.

      Once enabled, emails from the same sender or groups are automatically stacked together.

      This allows you to access the previous communications more efficiently, in addition to keeping the inbox clutter-free.

      Faster Emails With Instant Push

      With the ‘Instant Push’ feature, you receive emails at a faster pace.

      The starred emails can be easily filtered out and the app helps in keeping a count of the unread emails.

      Strong Data Storage And Retrieval

      It has varied strong access methodologies such as EAS (Enterprise Application Service), EWS (Exchange Web Service), IMAP, and POP (Post Office Protocol).

      The app also supports third-party apps such as Gmail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook on Mac/PC via IMAP or POP access.


      Very Buggy

      BlueMail can sometimes be a little buggy, slow, and may occasionally hang.

      Plus, its customer support is not always stellar, which adds to the chaos.

      Slow Signup

      The signing-up process is time-consuming and often drops in the middle.

      It lacks the quick setup option to add email accounts.

      10. Opera Mail

      Developed by Opera as an email and news client, its version 1.0 is compatible with Windows.

      Apart from some catchy productive tools, it has got interesting features such as inline spell-checking, rich text support, automated spam filtering, and a contact manager.

      It provides you with tabbed browsing and a tabbed interface.


      Through Opera, a lot of dynamic functionality is accessible.

      The mail installer can be easily set up through a setup wizard which will take you through the installation process.

      Once installed, the new account wizard will provide options for creating email, newsgroup, or importing emails.


      Quick Filtering

      Through a single database, Opera manages an index of all emails and automatically sorts them into several views and access points.

      With these quick filtering features, you save time with a hassle-free operation.

      The 3-Part Tabbed Interface

      The tabbed interface is divided into three panels — the far left panel (messages and other labels), the middle panel (received emails), and the far right panel (all the selected emails).

      User-Friendly And Customizable

      It is a freeware with a user-friendly interface that is customizable.

      Other exciting features are reading and managing feeds, low bandwidth mode, label assigning, and more.


      Absence Of Import

      It fails to provide import support from contemporary email clients.

      This can be a problem if you’re trying to back up all your emails or keep them in one place where they’re easily accessible.

      Manual Server Setup

      The setup requires server details which need to be put manually — a time-consuming process. In addition, you have to configure IMAP settings for your mail account.

      Wrapping Up

      It’s crucial to say that none of these solutions is perfect.

      All mail clients have their own various quirks to take into account.

      The best Windows email client will ultimately be a matter of personal preference and the user’s ability to deal with the specific problems of a given email client.

      No matter what your preference is, it is important to pick the email client that best suits your needs as an application for communicating with friends, family, and business associates.