6 Best Habit Tracker Apps To Increase Productivity in 2023

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      6 Best Habit Tracker Apps To Increase Productivity in 2023

      9' read
      9' read

      Building good habits—like getting in shape and flossing daily—is key to happy, healthy, balanced lifestyle.

      But if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

      If you want to form a new habit, tracking how often you do it can be more effective than using a traditional calendar or journal.

      best habit tracker apps

      But building new habits is the definition of “easier said than done”. Most people would love to quit smoking or hit the gym 4 times a week.

      One of the reasons that our new year resolutions fail is that we set long term goals but there is little plan to get there. One of the most effective ways to build habits and track our milestones is to monitor and record our progress against these goals.

      Although daily planner and white boards are fine for this sort of purpose, there are plenty of apps out there that can be a lot more convenient. We always carry our macos, tablet, smartphone or smart watch, so why don’t we use those to encourage habit-building.

      Habit tracker apps have popped up like mushrooms lately, so we are not short of options. From setting to-do lists, to tracking good habits to overcoming addiction, procrastination and bad habits, there are plenty of options out there.

      Others offer ipad and watch versions or integrate with Apple health and the myriad of health apps, while others excel at showing fancy charts and graphs of your progress.

      We have gone through a large scale analysis of the best habit tracking apps out there and we believe these – presented here – are the best you can rely on.

      Why You Need a Habit Tracker?

      Habit trackers are great because they can help you build good habits and track your progress daily.

      They also help you visualize your progress over time, which can give you an idea of how well you’re progressing towards your goal.

      In addition to helping you stay motivated, habit trackers can also help keep you accountable for your actions — after all, if it’s written down somewhere visible, nobody can deny that they did something!

      What Are The Key Features of a Habit Tracker App?

      There are a lot of different habit tracking apps out there and it ends up being a matter of preference.

      Some are better at helping you track your habits and others are better at helping you set new ones. Some are good for fitness tracking while others are more focused on finance tracking.

      Here’s what we look for in a great habit tracker app:

        • Track while on the go.

      The app you decide to go with must be available to most if not all the devices you use on a daily basis. Mobile – at a minimum – but would be convenient to have it running on your watch or laptop.

        • Track your daily activities.

      A good habit tracking app should let you track your daily activities and habits. This way, you can see how much time you spend on each activity and adjust accordingly. As an optional feature, a good habit tracker app should also let you add notes to each activity so that you can remember why or where you were doing an activity at that time.

        • Stay engaged.

      It doesn’t matter if the habit tracker app is the best in UX or feature set. If it can’t keep us engaged then we will probably quit soon. This can be through features like setting reminders, or check ins, or gamification, but the bottom line is that we need to keep the app fed with data to get accurate recommendations and visualizations.

        • Progress visualization.

      At a minimum we are looking for a a calendar so we can see how many days in a row you’ve completed the desired action (or not). An overall score would also be nice to see how far along we are in reaching our goal.

        • Easy to use UI / UX.

      We need to enter data quickly and easily without having to jump through hoops every time you want to add something new or update something that’s already been entered into the system.

        • Features & Functionality.

      We want an app that allows us to track multiple habits under different categories, so we can keep track of everything from eating healthy to reading more books every month.

      1. Strides – for iOS

      strides habit tracker

      While most habit tracking apps only allow you to track whether you have completed the tasks or not, Strides allows for a more flexible tracking where you don’t have to be as strict.

      Strides helps you track all your Goals & Habits in one flexible app.

      With Strides you can track any habits – good or bad – or goals – with reminders to hold you accountable and charts to keep you motivated.

      Strides also offers a way to track streaks, while you also get deeper insights through progress reports.

      You can tag or group items together by, say, an area of life or a routine, for example your morning habits etc.

      Strides has 4.9 stars on iOS App Store, but unfortunately it’s not available for Android users.


      • Very powerful and can make an immediate impact in tracking your daily goals
      • Sleek UI and UX that will keep users engaged throughout their day.
      • There is a very generous free version


      • Only for iOS. Not available for Android

      2. Habitica – for turning habit tracking into a game

      habitica habit tracker app

      Habitica follows a completely different approach to building healthy habits. It’s a habit tracker app based on gamification that motivates you to achieve your goals and get things done.

      Imagine playing a video game or RPG where you build your weapons, shields and armor by building habits and completing tasks!

      You can track any habit, goal or todo – through its web and mobile app experience – and earn rewards as you cross things off your list.

      Habitica will work for you if you are looking to turn your habits into game quests and role-playing.

      It’s by far the hardest app to setup and it falls short on data visualizations. After all it’s a game that helps you make progress through levels, level ups – task completion rate and streaks is less of a concern in this context.

      Habitica has 4.1 stars on iOS App Store and 4.3 on Google Play.


      • Pretty unique – and engaging – way to build habits.
      • Can complete or collaborate with friends
      • Ad-free options
      • There is a very generous free version


      • A little time-consuming to get started.
      • Requires being connected to the internet
      • UI / UX can be improved.

      3. Fabulous – for joining a community of people who share your goals

      fabulous habit tracking app

      The Fabulous app has a breezy, easy-going approach to self-improvement. Everyone wants to improve, but it takes a lot of effort to actually make changes.

      The app helps you forge new habits by providing science-based advice and daily activities that are really easy to do.

      When you sign up, you pick a “Journey”—like losing weight or concentrating better. With your goal defined, Fabulous gives you simple daily steps.

      You can also join a community of like-minded Fabulous members all across the globe who share your goals, who can keep you accountable and motivated with daily challenges to help you achieve them!

      Last but not least, you can write in your gratitude journal every day and listen to positive daily affirmations so that you can appreciate all the good things in your life!

      Fabulous has been rated Best App Self-Care 2018 in App Store and a finalist in Google’s Best App awards. It’s also available on Apple Watch and Android Watch devices.

      Fabulous has 4.3 stars on iOS App Store and 4.6 on Google Play.


      • Create journey’s and build routines rather than single tasks repeated daily.
      • Join a community of like-minded people sharing your goals
      • Unique way to battle addiction and bad habits.
      • Available for most devices out there.


      • Careful when signing up to a free trial. There is an auto-renewed paid subscription at the end.
      • Several users report support issues.

      4. Habitify – for simple and minimal

      Habitify the best habit tracking app of the year

      Habitify is a simple habit tracker app that helps you plan your daily routine, build good & healthy habits and set goals.

      It offers several key features such as progress tracker, reminders, streaks, easy data entry and even skip days!

      You can also add notes or set time goals for your habits.

      Habitify has been an Editor’s choice in App Store and Google Play and offers version for iPhone, Android, apple watch, watchOS and the web.


      • Clean UI with easy to use data entry, widgets and dashboards
      • Available for most devices out there.
      • Not short on functionality


      • Only for iOS. Not available for Android
      • There is a free version but you have to pay after tracking 3 habits.

      5. Quitzilla – for overcoming bad habits

      Quitzilla habit tracking and minimizing bad habits

      Overcoming addiction is hard. With Quitzilla you can follow all of your bad habits or addictions and use the app as help to analyze them and beat them. Stay clean and sober, overcome any addiction or habit which is holding you back from becoming a better version of yourself.

      It’s very simply to use and cross things off your list, track streams, add new habits and staying engaged. This is my personal favorite as it’s my go-to habit tracker which I have been using daily for several months!

      The app has a simple set up that allows you to enter all of your bad habits or addictions but unfortunately it doesn’t offer an easy way to track healthy habits – like going to the gym. However, you get daily reminders and notifications whenever it’s time to do them, so there is little room for excuses!

      Quitzilla has 4.7 stars on iOS App Store and 4.7 on Google Play.


      • Probably the best for getting rid of bad habits
      • Simple UI with daily reminders for easy data entry
      • Free


      • Sometimes it feels too simple
      • Not great for tracking positive habits
      • Not a whole lot of graphs or getting things to show on your home screen

      6. Loop – for Free & Ad-Free

      Loop habit tracking and goal setting

      Loop will help you track various types of habits – binary (e.g. went to the gym) or numeric (e.g. pages read).

      It’s not short of functionality with smart skip days where you don’t have to break your streak, unlimited habit tracking, widgets and dashboards to track one or many daily habits together or group habits in categories, notifications to get or set reminders to input data and track progress and last but not least notes!

      What’s unique about Loop is that it’s a free habit tracker application, open source and ad-free app without in-app purchases or premium versions.

      You read that right! You won’t have to pay a penny for any of the above features ever!

      If you are a coder you can also download the code and make improvements to the app – not that it needs many improvements though over and above what’s already offered.

      Unfortunately, the app is only offered for Android users.

      An app for the iOS device universe (Mac, iPad, apple watch or iPhone) is not available and it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen any time soon.

      However, on the Google Play store Loop Habit Tracker has raving reviews with a total rating of 4.8 and millions of downloads.


      • Free & Ad-Free
      • Functionality is on par with most paid applications. In fact, it offers more features than several apps on this list.
      • Raving reviews!


      • UX is not the best.
      • No Apple version

      No such thing as the Perfect Habit Tracker

      If you managed to read this far you probably already know that there is no such thing as the “perfect habit tracker app”.

      At the end of the day, the app needs to get you on the path of building positive habits.

      UX and fancy charts are always nice, but the end game is to track your habits daily and see progress in reaching your goals and aspirations.