10 Best URL Shorteners for 2023 [Free and Paid]

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      10 Best URL Shorteners for 2023 [Free and Paid]

      6' read
      6' read

      URL shorteners are a form of URL (Uniform Resource Locator) redirection that can be used to shorten the length of a link.
      The shortened link will redirect users to another webpage or domain. They can be free or paid, depending on the service.

      URL shorteners are also referred to as ‘dummy domain’ services, as they don’t actually host any sites themselves; instead, they act as a middleman between you and another site that does.

      They are often used to create shortened links that are easier to remember and share with others. They can also be used as an effective way to direct traffic from one site to another when there is no longer enough space on your site.

      Short links are often used in social media posts and emails, as well as in WordPress blogs and news articles.

      They allow people to share content quickly, saving time and making it easier for them to find what they’re looking for. Also, they’re a great way to make sure people don’t miss out on what you have to offer.

      Benefits of a URL Shortener

      The process of incorporating a URL shortening service is quite hassle-free and brings along a bunch of sought benefits:

      • The links are simpler with lesser characters, thereby less muddled and more presentable.
      • You can save time and effort by cutting off extra links from your website.
      • Get more visitors to your website by reducing the number of links you need to add to your page, thus increasing the chances of getting high-quality clicks.
      • Makes it easier for people to navigate through your website or blog without going through those long URLs that make them tired just after a few seconds of reading them.
      • You can track analytics data such as where users come from, how many times they visit your site, what they click on most often, etc. by using URL Shortener tools. This will help you understand what works for your website and what doesn’t work so well in terms of SEO optimization.

      The Best URL Shorteners for Your Disarrayed Links

      1. Bit.ly

      Bitly is a link management platform that focuses on shortening, sharing, and analyzing content.

      Here are some of its attractive features:

      • Real-time data to track and monitor the performance of each of your camapaigns
      • Link customization to create branded, or campaign-specific memorable URLs.
      • User tracking, including information on top referrers, location, and demographics.
      • QR code management for use in offline marketing campaigns.
      • API access that lets you generate millions of branded short links every day.

      Bitly also lets you share their short links on Twitter directly from their account dashboard. This makes it quick and efficient to those who actively engage on social media.

      You can create 50 shortened links a month for free or choose one of their paid plans to avail of its advanced features best suited for your business needs. You save 34% when you pay annually.

      2. TinyURL

      Founded in 2002, TinyURL.com is one of the oldest URL shorteners.

      It comes with a number of useful features like:

      • See who accesses the short URLs through the click tracking feature. The real-time data provided showcases the link performance, which in turn helps in campaign optimization.
      • Full-scale link management that lets you track thousands of links from one dashboard
      • Branded URLs that offer complete customization.

      Using this link shortener is pretty simple as all it requires is to copy-paste the long link into the tool which is transformed into a shorter and easily shareable link.

      Apart from the above-mentioned features, TinyURL is soon coming up with a single streamlined platform where users can create and manage their custom domains in no time.

      The basic ad-supported link shortening for individual users can be availed for free, but for customized services, Pro and Bulk100 plans are available at a starting price of $9.99/month.

      3. Replug

      Replug has its cards well laid in the URL shortening arena with the following features:

      • Branded links that improve conversion rates.
      • Link retargeting for custom audiences. You may use this feature to retarget users who clicked and viewed third-party content.
      • Call-to-action (CTA) widget for product promotion and service on every third-party link.
      • Detailed analytical report with elaborate data on click tracking and other metrics.
      • Chrome extension to make creating and sharing short links easy.
      • Bio-links that contain all your various social network profiles under one roof. This helps customers have an all-around view of the concerned brand through RSS feeds, social profiles as well as branded links.

      Replug offers a free trial for all its paid plans:

      4. ClickMeter

      ClickMeter is primarily targeted at affiliate marketers and is popular for its conversion tracking features.

      • Over a hundred different features including click tracking (includes tracking timestamp, IP, browser type, source, etc.)
      • Exhaustive KPI dashboard to analyze conversions, comparative analysis of various campaigns, real-time click-streaming.
      • Sub-accounts management for efficient collaboration with your team
      • Link management to track click fraud, broken links, latency, and blacklists
      • Third-party integration with Adwords, Google Analytics, Chrome, Firefox, and also various affiliate networks.

      ClickMeter offers three paid plans based on the number of monthly events:

      5. Sniply

      Sniply is ideal for marketers looking to track conversions. It lets you add a Call-To-Action button to every link you share.

      Here are some of its salient features:

      • Embed a highly visible CTA button on every page you share. You may customize the look and feel of the strip, and also A/B test different CTAs.
      • Lead generation form in place of the CTA button lets you capture email address from visitors to the shortened pages
      • Exhaustive analytics of all your clicks, along with pixel-based conversion tracking
      • Collaborative link management, including dynamic permission settings for various team members
      • Publishing tools that let you brand each page, optimize marketing campaigns, and integrations with third-party email and social media management tools

      Sniply offers five paid plans, including a free-tier with basic links and click-tracking features.

      6. Short.io

      Short.io prioritizes branding above everything else. A user can shorten, personalize, and further share links with the branded domain name without any DNS configuration required. You will however need to buy a branded domain from Short.io for this purpose.

      Some of its catchiest features are:

      • Geo-targeting target users by a specific country or region.
      • Statistical dashboard to view all reports in one place.
      • Integration with social media channels or profiles for automatic URL sharing.
      • Expiration date feature to share time-bound events like contests or sale.
      • Mobile deep linking to take visitors directly to relevant section within an app
      • URL cloaking to prevent visitors from accessing the original URL
      • QR code generation for offline promotions
      • Password protection with custom branding for the password page.

      Short.io offers support for 5 custom domains in its free plan, and presents 3 paid plans:

      7. Short URL

      This tool offers free account creation, and has some basic features to offer:

      • Shortens the long URLs from top sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The process is simple and requires copying-pasting the long URL followed by a click on ‘shorten URL’.
      • Monitor number of clicks using the click counter and this does not require any registration.
      • It is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

      8. Polr

      Polr is an open-source and free link shortener that is easy to use especially if one has some basic technical skills. Users have complete control over the data by hosting their own URL shortener.

      It is smooth and easy to use. It comes with an installation document and has a modern and uncomplicated interface. Everything from theme to redirects to shortening permissions can be customized by the user.

      Polr integrates with other services with the help of their REST API. The new API keys are automatically assigned to the users, or can be generated manually.

      This free URL shortener does not offer any custom domain support, pixel tracking, or A/B testing. The basic interface can be tried on the demo option given on the Polr page.

      9. Rebrandly

      Like other URL shorteners, Rebrandly helps its users with branding, tracking of the performance metrics, and sharing of their URLs using a customized domain.

      Ideal for small businesses that are looking to begin with shortened URLs, Rebrandly avails its users with the following features:

      • Fully-stacked link management service including editable destination URLs, bulk link creation, link expiration and branded link export, faster redirects, UTM parameters, and more.
      • Traffic routing functionalities such as parameter forwarding, retargeting of the link, mobile deep linking, open graph control, 301 SEO redirect, and more.
      • Detailed analytics including aggregated reports, UTM builder, reports with users’ logos in them, GDPR privacy, link analytics, and public and private reports.
      • Custom Domain Name Management that includes 404 redirect management, custom SSL, main domain redirect, multiple domain name management, and more.
      • Training and support come forth with video tutorials, onboarding, link imports, knowledge base, account management, dedicated engineer support, and enterprise tool integration.

      Rebrandly offers a free tool option along with four premium plans to opt from:

      While it does not offer unlimited tracking, Rebrandly is still an extensive and fairly priced link shortening tool.

      10. Ow.ly

      Ow.ly has been developed by the social media management platform, Hootsuite.

      It allows the users to shorten links for free and allows customization with tracking parameters to monitor success by using analytic tools.

      Some of its compelling features are:

      • Tracking parameters to track the traffic volume.
      • Click analytics from the Hootsuite dashboard. You can find who has clicked the link which in turn helps you to understand your ideal customer. These insights help in making more efficient decisions and more goal-oriented strategies.

      Owly’s custom URL shortener is ideal for a branded appearance, especially if you have a business or an enterprise plan. It offers four different plans with a free 30-day trial for each. Some striking features such as post scheduling; post assigning to the team members; unlimited posts; roles and permissions; content asset and library; social ads management and more can be accessed depending upon the selected plan.

      Apart from the above plans, you can also try the limited free plan which offers two social accounts, 1 user, and five scheduled posts.

      Wrapping up

      URL shorteners help improve your own site, track traffic, and share information better as well. It helps you get more out of your marketing efforts because you can track metrics more accurately and use the information for A/B testing. The better you know what works, the more effectively you can utilize it to make your page ranks more prominent and increase your customer base.