CRM for Real Estate: The Ultimate Guide for 2023 [Tools Included]

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      CRM for Real Estate: The Ultimate Guide for 2023 [Tools Included]

      16' read
      16' read

      Real estate customer relationship management (CRM) software is an end-to-end solution that helps real estate professionals like agents, brokers, developers, property managers, and their clients manage the entire client relationship cycle, including lead generation, sales (and revenue forecasting), and closing.

      This can be achieved by automating (almost) the entire process with an integrated marketing database that contains all past, current, and future leads/clients.

      The best CRM software for real estate businesses also helps you optimize lead generation so that you don’t miss any opportunity of converting them into leads or clients.

      It also enables real estate agents to track the progress of their transactions (via efficiently managed invoicing), as well as provides business intelligence reports on the performance of each client.


      The main goal of a real estate CRM solution is to help property owners manage their businesses more effectively by providing them with the tools they need to connect with potential buyers and sellers, manage real estate leads and accounts, create campaigns that can be used across multiple channels, and perform other tasks associated with running a successful real estate agency.

      Real estate CRM software also have the ability to send emails on behalf of the user, allowing them to send personalized emails directly from the CRM system itself. Since most property owners rely on email marketing as part of their marketing strategy, this feature alone can take your business to the next level.

      In this blog post, we explore the benefits of a real estate CRM software solution, and the six best CRM systems for real estate business — their key features, pricing plans, pros, and cons.

      Benefits Of Real Estate CRM

      Manage Your Client Information

      Real estate CRM systems help you centralize client information so that you can easily access it from anywhere and at any time. This makes it easier for you to stay on top of your clients and make sure they’re happy with the level of service they’re getting from you.

      Track Leads For Marketing Campaigns

      Real estate CRM software allows you to create marketing campaigns that are customizable based on individual clients’ needs. You can use these campaigns to generate more leads, which can then be turned into sales opportunities for your business.


      Analyze Sales Data To Identify Trends And Improve Performance

      A good real estate CRM platform will give you access to detailed reporting on all aspects of your business — including sales data, marketing campaigns, and more. This data gives you an inside look at how your business is performing in different areas and lets you see what needs improvement before things get out of control (which happens with many small businesses).

      Improved Customer Service

      The data collected by your real estate CRM can help you provide better customer service. For example, a sales agent who uses the CRM system to collect leads from agents and customers will know the specific needs of each client and be able to offer them advice on how to get the most value out of their investment in your agency.

      Increased Productivity And Efficiency

      Your real estate CRM system will help you track progress and monitor your employees’ performance. The information collected by the system will also help you identify areas where employees need additional training or coaching, which will save time and money in the long run (see below).

      Reduced risk management costs

      A real estate CRM software helps you to manage contracts and documents with ease. This reduces your risk of making mistakes when entering data into the system. The system also helps you to track the progress of each file and its status, which is very useful when you want to avoid any delays while entering your data.

      It also helps reduce your paperwork burden by allowing you to access all your important documents from anywhere. You can keep track of all your deals at once and make sure that nothing gets lost or misplaced in between.

      Plus, it gives you an opportunity to access information on multiple properties at once without having to open multiple files or search for them manually; it saves time and energy for both the user and the admin staff.

      Six Best Real Estate CRM Software


      Pipedrive CRM software helps your real estate organization boost sales by:

      • Letting you create sales pipelines for buyers, investors, and properties.
      • Allowing you to digitally track client interactions.
      • Empowering you to follow up and take down notes on the phone in real-time while or between showings.


      With this CRM tool, you can keep a track of your deals on the go, boost revenue and save time while working with the industrial or residential, or commercial property sector.

      Pipedrive offers four robust plans:

      • Essential at $9.90/user per month — Helps you in getting organized and setting up simple sales tasks.
      • Advanced at $19.90/user per month — Allows you to scale rapidly with automation tools and easy-to-use emails.
      • Professional at $39.90/user per month — Accelerates your overall performance and boosts revenue growth.
      • Enterprise at $59.90/user per month — Offers extensive support and unlimited customization options.


      Complete Funnel Clarity

      Pipedrive allows you to view total funnel activity with potential buyers and sellers. You can check every buyer’s journey in the pipeline, which helps identify your next approach. It automatically moves your buyers to the next level in the sales funnel.

      This helps you to:

      • Determine how close a portfolio is to deal-closing by collecting and organizing property data.
      • Analyze and calculate which opportunities you need to work on a priority.
      • Accelerate data import or see the sample real estate properties.

      Smarter Reporting For Accelerated Revenue Growth

      Pipedrive helps you to meet your annual target by letting you organize, manage and master the key metrics involving the commissions and selling fees, the realtor’s sales target, and other costs. This is done through visually extensive charts and detailed reports.

      Pipedrive’s smart reporting feature allows you to:

      • Get clarity regarding your existing clients.
      • Get a clear picture of the clients’ financial background or status.
      • Determine the right step(s) to hit revenue growth.


      Frequent Email Glitches

      Sometimes emails that are sent via Pipedrive get stuck in the Outbox. This happens mostly when the emails are manually copy-pasted instead of being saved directly on Pipedrive first.

      Additionally, when a user logs in to an activity, it automatically jumps on ‘Busy’. A ‘Free’ as a default setting can therefore be helpful in case the user forgets to ‘free’ the activity section leading to unnecessary calendar blocking.

      Limited Support For Affordable Plans

      Small accounts tend to get limited support which ends up hampering the pace of workflow. The higher-priced plans offer phone and email support, but for a small company or a startup, the affordable plans offer minimal support (only email support).


      Salesforce real estate CRM helps you to close more deals with automated processes and simplified task management tools such as agent communication, the residential property buying process, etc.


      It helps you:

      • Establish a connection between the realtors and investors.
      • Analyze the client’s journey to make quick decisions.
      • With efficient communication channels.
      • Increase sales with task automation.

      The plans are spread across multiple sectors such as sales, marketing, small businesses, etc. beginning at $25/user per month and so on.


      Powerful Lead Management

      Salesforce allows you to close deals faster and maintain long-term customer relationships.

      It empowers you with the:

      • Ability to track emails, interaction history, and calls to stay connected with the most appropriate buyers, sellers, or renters.
      • Possibility to integrate tools that can help in the efficient management of email campaigns for the accelerated deal process.
      • Ability to work on a mobile app from anywhere at any time.
      • Capacity to upload data related to leads, contacts, or clients.

      Essential Integrations For Streamlined Workflow

      Salesforce saves you from the hassles of logging into multiple platforms.

      AppExchange helps you integrate with some essential power-packed tools such as:

      • Mailchimp — For the management of email marketing campaigns with new or already existing clients.
      • DocuSign — For ease of use and quick document signing, which helps you in accelerating a deal with a secure and simple e-signature facility.
      • Dropbox — Allows you to send or share files and documents from anywhere.


      Complex Learning Curve

      The tool is not easy to master and has a steep learning curve making it difficult for those who possess no technical expertise. Brokers can’t spend hours learning the functionalities of a tool. This ends up hampering the time which should be spent on building customer relationships and deal closures.

      Lack Of Immediate Support

      If you aren’t a member of its advanced plans (those alone offers 24 hours premium support service), getting a quick response or support can be difficult.

      Also, since the user depends entirely on the Salesforce database, they have less control over planned downtimes or any upgrades.

      Follow Up Boss

      Follow Up Boss CRM tool helps you in pulling your leads from over 200 different sources in one place, allowing you to have full control over the follow-up cycle. It enables you to give a first-class experience to your clients and close the maximum number of deals.


      With improved performance, your team members get better control leading to more sales with:

      • Smart Lists that help in prioritizing the appropriate deals.
      • Pre-written catchy drip campaigns.
      • Well-designed action plan.
      • Dedicated onboarding for a comfortable starting point.
      • Email-syncing with Gmail and Office 365.
      • Extensive support and an intuitive interface.

      Follow Up Boss offers three exciting plans:

      • Grow at $69/user per month — Offers features specifically for solo agents and small real estate teams.
      • Pro at $499/10 users per month — Ideal for bigger teams and enterprises seeking massive growth.
      • Platform at $1000/30 users per month — Offers features ideal for enterprises, brokerages, and larger teams.


      Active Leads Follow Up With Smart Lists

      Follow Up Boss allows you to sort the lead follow-ups and prioritize accordingly.

      You can create single-click access to your highest-valued prospects by saving the priority smart lists. It allows you to review interaction history, notes, or details about what your customers are looking at on your website.

      You can follow up with the next high-priority lead by simply clicking on the advance arrow. The leads can be segmented effortlessly using dynamic filters.

      Powerful Automation For Enhanced Performance

      Follow Up Boss automates time-consuming tasks such as paperwork, revising offers, etc., and saves your team’s time. The tool organizes email by lead making it easier for the agents to stay in touch with every lead on time.

      It helps you:

      • View every email in one place without endless scrolling.
      • Automate email sending the moment a new lead enters the system.
      • Send emails in batches to a selected segment of contacts.
      • Turn emails into templates to save time on re-typing every time you send an email to a lead.
      • Maintain transparency regarding email transactions between your agents and clients.

      Follow Up Boss CRM platform enables you to maintain a dedicated business phone system where the calls are automatically diverted to the right agent.

      It allows you to:

      • Set specific calling hours.
      • Take calls anywhere using iPhones or Android phones with call routing or live call transfers.
      • Automatically log calls and take notes during an ongoing call.
      • Track, report, or record calls.


      Challenging Import Process

      Importing contacts from an old CRM to Follow Up Boss can be challenging. Although incorrect import happens from the software provider’s side, the formatting has to be sorted by the user by clicking on each contact one by one. Such issues require an onboarding specialist which is offered only in the upgraded plans.

      Overly Priced Plans

      The tool doesn’t offer any free plans and the paid plans are extravagantly priced. There is a major jump in the pricing from the entry-level plan to the higher-priced plans. For startups or solo agents, who ideally opt for the basic plans, the features are quite limited. For example, the built-in dialler and dedicated telephone number are offered only in the higher-priced plans. You need an add-on purchase if you want these features while using the basic plan.

      Top Producer

      Top Producer CRM system helps you to take your real estate business to the next level with its innovative real estate software solutions.


      It is equipped with some power-packed features such as:

      • Expertly created templates, processes, and campaigns to be used by real estate individuals.
      • Helps you to get your own database with entire client data saving your organization from getting affected by changing brokerages.
      • Provides you with all-inclusive software to run a successful real estate business all from a single place.

      Top Producer offers three feature-rich plans:

      • Essential at $60/user per month — Offers database organization and effective business management.
      • Professional at $95/user per month — Marketing automation and branded MLS follow-ups.
      • Professional Plus (Pricing on call) — AI-enabled marketing tools.

      In addition to the above plans, it also offers two add-on features on the purchase:

      • Top Producer Website at $35/user per month — Offers well-designed websites for your real estate business.
      • FiveStreet at $20/user per month — Offers professional lead management services for agents and brokers.


      Effective Database Management

      Top Producer allows you to effectively manage your database by effortlessly bringing all the contact information and data related to leads, and listings together in one place.

      It allows you:

      • To import and export the contact list with ease while keeping important tags and notes.
      • To integrate with FiveStreet real estate management software or connect with over 150 online apps for automatically adding new leads.
      • To sync for free with iCloud, Google, or Microsoft contacts.
      • To connect the Top Producer websites with MarketSnapshot landing pages empowering you to capture your own online leads.
      • To automatically import leads from social media ads, Google forms, etc. by connecting with Zapier.

      Powerful Insights For Improved Client Relationships

      Top Producers equips you with its powerful tools to make lead capturing, client retaining, and follow-ups an effortless process.

      You can:

      • Use Property Insights to track buyers by using a free MLS connection that shows a segregated view of listings as viewed, interested in, or inquired for.
      • Include details of each client such as notes, relationships, photos, social media links, important dates, status, tags, and more, to get a 360-degree view of each customer.
      • Use social insights such as locations, interests, photos, etc. to keep your client database up-to-date.
      • View interaction history in a timeline that includes SMS, phone call notes, emails, and reports received by MarketSnapshot.
      • Get prompted in case of an approaching important date such as a birthday, anniversary, etc.
      • Target communication depends upon the current position of each client in the pipeline.


      Clunky Reports With MarketSnapshot

      As compared to similar valuation reports received, the MarketSnapshot reports are clunky as per many clients. The front-end UI requires modernization to be user-friendly. MarketSnapshot can integrate only with TP websites which are very limited. It lacks a simple widget for easy embedding of this functionality.

      Poor Customer Support

      Getting on calls with the customer support staff can be a task. It takes 2-3 days for the staff to get back to you, which prolongs the existing issues and delays the resolution. The only option that the user is left with in such a scenario is the chat option. But even that takes as long as two hours to no avail.


      LionDesk offers a robust and affordable CRM software solution for professionals like real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and brokers among others.


      It helps you manage clients efficiently with features such as:

      • Automated client communication and an organized client database.
      • Task reminders.
      • Multi-channel campaign.
      • Transaction management with a streamlined transaction process, improved communication, and smooth and timely deal closures.
      • Lead generation with easy import of client’s data from various social media platforms.
      • Connect with multiple clients using the Power Dialler feature.
      • Powerful integration with over 100 tools for increased work efficiency.

      LionDesk offers two catchy plans along with a 14-day free trial:

      • CRM at $39/month — Offers monthly credits such as 7500 emails, 2000 text messages, etc. plus features such as bulk texting, pre-built marketing campaigns, and more. It also offers free and paid add-ons such as custom numbers, single-line dialers, multi-line dialers, etc.
      • CRM Premier at $139/month — Offers monthly credits and features such as webinar training, Facebook lead generation, and more. It offers three inclusive and three paid add-ons.


      Custom Landing Pages For High Conversion

      LionDesk allows you to create attractive and high-converting landing pages by using their pre-built templates. It allows you to capture leads and deliver these directly to your LionDesk accounts. This makes follow-up automation quick and easy.

      This CRM software allows you to automate tasks and streamline your workflow while managing deadlines. You can enter the property details in the database and track the progress of closings.

      Strong Contact Management System

      LionDesk CRM tool helps you in managing all your contacts, buyers, lead sources, etc. by allowing you to add an unlimited number of tags to each client. This classification makes the searching and sorting of each client’s data simple.

      Additionally, it allows you to manage leads from the social media profiles such as Facebook without the need to be a Facebook Ads Manager expert.


      Inadequate Customer Support

      Customer service is subpar to handle situational issues such as the one faced by a user where the system was sending messages (in the user’s name without the user’s knowledge) to a client who was not even on the contact list. The situation remained unresolved, with subscription cancellation as the only sensible approach for the user. In addition, the emails and texts regarding any issues remain unanswered by the customer support reps.

      Lacks Features In Drip Forms

      LionDesk CRM platform does not have a robust ‘value-add’ drip form such as newsletters, or informative articles regarding the real estate industry. The drips that are included in the tool seem extensively sales-oriented from a consumer’s point of view.


      HubSpot is a customer relationship management tool that helps you to elevate your real estate business whether it is in the sector of residential properties or commercial real estate. You can manage and nurture clients efficiently with its power-packed software solution.


      HubSpot CRM system offers two extensively featured plans for enterprises and businesses, and three plans for individuals and small teams.

      For Enterprises And Businesses
      • Professional at $800/month — Offers automation, reporting, and campaign.
      • Enterprise at $3600/month — Gives advanced control and flexibility.
      For Individuals And Small Teams
      • Free CRM Plan — Allows generating and emailing new leads, and performance analysis.
      • Starter at $45/month — Feature-rich to increase lead engagement and conversion.
      • Professional at $800/month — Offers automation, campaigns, and reporting.


      Strong Collaboration And Outreach For Accelerated Growth

      HubSpot empowers your customer-facing teams to efficiently support the buyer’s journey to be seamless. It reduces any possible bottlenecks that might create friction or affect your buyer’s journey.

      For this, the marketing, sales, IT, and sales team come together and work in collaboration to ensure improved opportunities and business growth.

      It does so by:

      • Generating new leads and converting them followed by performing lead qualification for sales.
      • Helping you to identify the prospects, book them, and perform lead nurturing easily.
      • Helping you to close deals faster and deliver extraordinary services to your clients.

      HubSpot helps in optimizing your sales process by bringing the entire client communication (history and current) into one place.

      With automation of repetitive tasks, it allows you to:

      • Record the client interactions.
      • Send an automated response to inquiries.
      • Receive notifications when a document is accessed and read.
      • Easily filter and segregate your clients.
      • Use email templates and sequences for impressive campaigning.

      Flywheel To Determine Client’s Journey

      Supporting the traditional funnel, the HubSpot CRM system helps you to determine the customers’ journey (from marketing to sales to customer support) through The Flywheel model, where all this client data is in separate silos. In a flywheel, every stage of your client’s journey is interconnected, allowing you to leverage every stage.

      The Flywheel enables you to leverage the momentum of your satisfied clients and drives repeated sales and referrals. In a way, it is not just your teams that are growing your business, the customers too contribute to that business growth (the Flywheel being a circular process where the clients feed organizational growth).


      Overly Expensive Paid Version

      The free version offered by the HubSpot CRM platform gives very limited features, allowing you to use only the very basic things. While the paid plans are extremely expensive, which makes it a difficult choice for small businesses, individual realtors, or startups. The price grows with the increase in the number of contacts which makes it not so practical or an affordable option.

      Poor Visual Editor And Template Designs

      The visual editor offered by HubSpot CRM is dissatisfactory and the HubL coding is frustrating. If the tracking codes are entered in the Advance Snippet Box, the user would most likely lose any retargeting opportunities. It takes users weeks to create landing pages that would still lack functionalities. The pre-designed templates (including the email templated) are poorly designed.

      Wrapping Up

      There are dozens of real estate CRM software solutions (other than the ones mentioned above — like Wise Agent, Propertybase, Zillow Premier Agent CRM, etc.) on the market, catering to all sorts of different businesses — from landlords to contractors to real estate insurance agents, and more.

      Your choice depends on the features you need, like easy project management, and how much you’re willing to spend on the service.

      But make sure that the one you end up picking is a well-priced platform that offers your real estate business a comprehensive way to keep track of the leads and contracts, and helps you keep your office(s) running smoothly.

      To get some help in the decision-making process, you can even look at the CRM system that your fellow realtors are using and most importantly why.