Pipedrive Review: Cost, Benefits and Downsides [2023]

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      CRM Software

      Pipedrive Review: Cost, Benefits and Downsides [2023]

      CRM Software
      11' read
      11' read

      Pipedrive is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software that is designed to help businesses of all sizes manage their sales processes more efficiently.

      It offers a range of features such as lead management, deal tracking, email integration, and sales reporting to streamline sales activities.

      With its three-step process, you can blend your workforce with competitive automation tools to achieve your business goals — Set up and streamline the sales pipeline, track progress, and automate growth with AI technology.

      Pipedrive organizes your workflow by helping you create a sales funnel by creating a new or by using an existing sales process template, empowering you to automatically add or import deals from the CRM or a database. It allows you to track progress by setting automatic reminders and alerts.

      In this Pipedrive review article, we take a look at Pipedrive’s pricing plans, its best features, some of its drawbacks, how it is different from other CRM programs, to know if it can be the go-to CRM software for your business.

      How Much Does Pipedrive Cost?

      Pricing Plans

      Pipedrive offers four feature-rich plans along with some powerful add-ons included in the expensive plans.

      Essential Plan at $9.90/user/month

      You can do lead management like a pro with a 360-degree view of your leads and keep yourself up-to-date about work performance, communication history, and sales activity.

      The open deal limit per company offered is 3000. It provides features like communication tracking and growth automation (limited to the Sales assistant, API access, and Webhooks).

      It also offers mobile apps (Android ad iOS both) and integrations via Zapier for integrating your social media accounts like LinkedIn profile, data storage and security, and insights and reporting for quick decision-making.

      Advanced Plan at $19.90/user/month

      In addition to the features offered in the Essential plan, it offers:

      • two-way email sync (to directly send and receive them from within Pipedrive),
      • customizable templates and signature (enhancing your impression with a personalized approach),
      • email tracking,
      • scheduling (allowing you to schedule video calls, meetings, emails, etc.),
      • active workflow and workflow actions, and more.

      Professional Plan at $39.90/user/month

      It offers all the features of Essential and Advanced plans. Plus, it offers:

      • formula fields (for automated deal calculations to reduce human error with formula fields),
      • a custom field limit of 1000/company, document open tracking (unlimited in BETA),
      • One Drive and Google drive document integrations,
      • unlimited visual dashboards,
      • performance tracking,
      • sales team management, and more.

      Enterprise Plan at $59.90/user/month

      It offers everything offered in the above three plans plus:

      • security alerts (notifications regarding any suspicious activity or data leaks),
      • security rules (enforced password strength requirements and MFA),
      • phone support,
      • implementation program (custom onboarding via the implementation team for Pipedrive setup).

      Is Pipedrive Worth The Money?

      Pipedrive is a great solution basically for any business but makes great sense for small and medium-sized businesses — for both price and functionality.

      It’s easy to get started with, uses intuitive tools designed for all the way from big corporates to small teams and individuals, and offers the ability to tailor functionality to specific needs with its built-in settings.

      If you are looking for a CRM software that has a strong product focus, allows for a 14-day free trial (no credit card required) on all its plans, can be accessed across multiple devices, and has plenty of opportunities for expansion within the same ecosystem, then give Pipedrive a try before you try anything else in the pipeline management or customer relationship management software market.

      Let’s take a look at its best features and some of its drawbacks so you could make an informed decision.

      What Are The Best Features Of Pipedrive?

      Pipedrive offers an array of feature-packed tools to serve your sales reps and professionals across industries, providing your sales department with nearly everything that it would need for business and revenue growth.

      Let’s take a look at some of the best Pipedrive features.

      Automation To Eliminate Mundane Tasks

      Pipedrive enables you to automate repetitive administrative tasks with dedicated software and AI for streamlined workflow automation.


      You can:

      • Automatically send personalized emails helping you increase email marketing ROI.
      • Push a deal to the next level when it’s in the pipeline stage.
      • Focus on high-priority tasks (using it as a Project Management tool) while keeping the leads hot.
      • Boost your performance with recommendations, tips, and app integrations.
      • Use Smart Contact Data to close deals faster with the help of valuable contact information and other relevant customer data.

      Sales CRM For Targeting Specific Leads

      Pipedrive’s industry-specific (such as Manufacturing, SaaS, Non-Profit, Media, Logistics, and Transport, etc) Sales CRM comes feature-packed with a user-friendly interface, custom reports, the ability to track sales-specific pains, etc.


      It helps in:

      • Driving more sales and nurturing leads to assist your lead generation and management efforts via features like web forms and chatbots (for example, LeadBooster).
      • Improving team collaboration safely via permission settings.
      • Sales management via a unified dashboard.
      • Obtaining actionable insights that help you in taking better decisions.
      • Using suggestions based on past activities so that you can identify the areas that demand attention and improvement.
      • Accommodating specific CRM tools that are suitable for your industry and tailoring them to your requirement(s) since it is customizable and flexible.

      Email Tracking and Communications To Win More Prospects

      Pipedrive empowers you with an effective and affordable communication tool — emails.

      With its robust email strategy, you can connect with your target audience and communicate more efficiently, and move the leads through the sales funnel with its catchy features such as — open and click tracking, automated emails, and sales templates.


      Some of the popular communication tracking features offered by Pipedrive are:

      Contact management

      Pipedrive allows you to organize your contacts and segregate them under categories such as ‘organizations’, ‘people’, etc. These categories can then be easily linked to the associated deals.

      It also lets you see the visual history of your calls, other communications, etc. with a particular deal and makes your follow-ups more organized and informed.

      Feature-rich Email Inbox

      Pipedrive’s rich email features allow you to collaborate and engage with your sales team more effectively.

      You can sync emails from your Gmail and Outlook accounts (allowing you to send and receive emails from Pipedrive inbox), use readymade email templates, or create your own to be able to send more personalized emails in lesser time.

      Telephony Integrations

      This feature allows you to make sales calls directly from the web for faster call tracking, call recording, and insights. Hands-free calling allows you to take down important notes while the call is ongoing.

      Smart Docs For Streamlining Sales Workflow

      This feature helps in expediting your document process by speeding up document creation and quote creation. You can close deals faster by creating, sending, managing, and signing contracts.

      It empowers you with auto-filled documents, real-time tracking of the opened documents, electronically signing the documents, the ability to remove the Pipedrive logo, etc.

      Powerful CRM Integrations For Business Operations Expansion

      Pipedrive allows you to seamlessly connect with other apps and strengthen the workflows between the systems by integrating with these apps. As your business grows and you incorporate more tools, such integrations empower several business functionalities in your organization. Pipedrive offers over 300 out-of-the-box CRM integrations.


      These smart integrations empower you with:

      Synced Contact With Google And Microsoft Outlook

      With the contact synchronization feature of Pipedrive, you can import and sync contacts from external providers effortlessly.

      It allows you to take audio notes and turn transcripts into text-type notes, check high-priority matters directly from the mobile apps, start a call directly from the Pipedrive web app, and access the contact’s location in the ‘Nearby Map’.

      Synced Calendar With Google And Microsoft

      With calendar synchronization, you can ensure that the scheduled meetings and calls are well-organized and remain on your radar. With one-way sync or two-way sync, you can also save the changes made to Pipedrive and have them showcased in your integrated external calendars as well.

      Integrations For New Communication And Collaboration Solutions

      Pipedrive allows you to integrate with some of the most popular communication and collaboration apps such as Trello, Slack, Asana, etc. These integrations ensure that your CRM tool is further equipped to suit your business needs and boost productivity.

      APIs For Building Integrations

      If you want a specific integration to suit your business, you can use APIs to create your own. By using the open APIs in the Sandbox accounts, you can create any kind of integration you deem appropriate for your business.

      Sales Reporting Software For Helpful Insights

      Pipedrive lets you leverage your CRM data with its sales reporting software to grow your business and increase profitability.


      You can achieve profitability via:

      Customizable Reports For Right Insights

      With customizable reports (revenue forecast reports, performance reports, conversion reports) you can track the number of new deals, and determine the recurring revenue. This allows you to add custom metrics that are relevant to your business.

      If you filter the results and categorize these results, you can identify the winning patterns, get an overview of your sales performance, and also get to know the speed-breakers in your sales funnel.

      Dashboard Reports

      With the Insights Dashboards of Pipedrive, you can turn the metrics into a chart format, graphs, or interactive tables. With its clear data visualization, you can access the right data at any moment.

      Goals And Forecasting

      With the Goals feature of Pipedrive, you can stay focused and create goal-oriented deals and activities. These deals can be specified with details such as — types, pipelines, durations, assignees, etc.

      With the CRM Report Forecast of Pipedrive, you are empowered to take calculated business decisions. You can identify and prioritize the deals and allocate the appropriate resources for those deals.

      Web Visitors Add-ons For More Leads

      Pipedrive allows you to add web visitors to your CRM Plan letting you land more leads and manage deals together in one software.

      By adding the web visitors:

      • You can recognize the visitors who are actively engaging with your campaigns and content. You can monitor your existing customers to determine which of your new leads are ready for conversion.
      • The prospector credits avail you with the right contact data which helps you with following up at the right time.
      • A proper follow-up is not possible without knowing what your leads expect or want. You can use insights to identify these expectations and improve your follow-up strategy.

      What Are The Downsides To Pipedrive?

      Technical Glitch With Changes

      It has been reported by some users that as soon as Pipedrive makes some changes in the tool, it is followed by an additional random malfunction. Also, the auto-generation feature is lost for a while when changes are made to the automation(s).

      Misplaced Icons Add To The Misunderstanding

      Once the leads are marked as ‘lost’, it is difficult to locate them again. The tool does not assist in locating these leads. Users have faced issues and with much effort, have been able to find the ‘lost’ leads placed in the ‘List’ folder.

      Restricted Email Tracking Feature

      As per the use case scenarios of some users, it has been reported that a team member cannot view the email tracking features on the emails which are sent by other team members. As a result of this, all members cannot get to know if the email has been opened or read by the client.

      Limited Title Searching

      Pipedrive could enhance its search capabilities with some robust search engines across its platform. The search titles and body of the meeting notes for instance are quite limited. As an organization progresses, the number of content increases, and so do the attachments, meeting notes, etc. which requires enhanced search options.

      What Is The Difference Between Pipedrive And Other CRM Programs?

      Pipedrive vs Salesforce

      Pipedrive is a CRM tool that has been designed to suit businesses of all sizes and help them scale effectively. It comes with various plans and feature offerings to suit your specific business requirement(s). With an easy-to-use user interface, it ensures that you do not need prior IT knowledge to get your hands on what you need to.

      Salesforce, on the other hand, comes as an extensive feature-packed CRM software suitable for enterprises and large-scale businesses. Since the tool has been designed specifically for big businesses, it comes with features that might not seem straightforward for beginner organizations to operate with.

      Pipedrive vs Zoho CRM

      Pipedrive is an easy-to-use CRM tool that offers multiple customization options without having to pay extra for more essentials. Created by the salespeople, it thoroughly understands the challenges faced by the sales teams in organizations. It has thus been designed with features such as custom fields, unlimited contacts, visual pipelines, etc. This makes implementation and management easier.

      Zoho CRM has been created to cater to a variety of businesses. This CRM software has been made for various streams such as sales, customer support, inventory management, and marketing. This often makes the user interface complex and affects the application and management of this tool by a small-sized business.

      Pipedrive vs Copper

      A variety of plans offered by Pipedrive with several robust features make it affordable and relevant to a high number of business owners. In addition to being intuitive, it is easy to set up and saves you from the hassle of hiring an IT professional. Whether it is its lowest or the highest plan, each one of them comes with some most sought core features such as custom fields, user limit, billing currency, etc.

      Copper CRM tool focuses primarily on small businesses and comes with plans that can be too extravagant for SMBs. It integrates seamlessly with Google, yet, the most basic features are unlimited only in the highest plan, making it a rather expensive CRM software.

      Pipedrive vs HubSpot

      Created with keeping all business sizes and their requirements in mind, Pipedrive comes as a power-packed CRM tool with features ranging from core to pro — 24/7 support, unlimited contacts, recurring revenue, email templates, sales pipelines, etc. There are no hidden costs and the features are clearly stated.

      HubSpot’s free CRM tool has been designed specifically to support small teams in an organization and lacks some of the most basic features such as a limited sales pipeline, limited contacts, limited customizable reports, etc. Your scalability is limited with the free version as it misses out on some important features, for which you need to shell out multiple hundred dollars a month. Plus, If you want an added feature that is required but not offered in your plan, then you will have to pay extra monthly charges.

      Pipedrive vs Agile CRM

      Pipedrive is a robust CRM tool that is high on versatility and world-class support. With offerings like unlimited visual pipelines and contacts, Pipedrive empowers you to scale efficiently and ensures productivity and revenue growth irrespective of your business size.

      Agile CRM is limited to small and medium-sized businesses and comes as a feature-restricted CRM tool with questionable data security and support. Even though it offers integrations in marketing, sales, and service, the limited features, and the extra costs make it an expensive choice for scaling. It lacks some basic feature offerings such as recurring revenue reports, support that is not 24/7, and data storage (the most basic feature) that is limited in the lower plans.

      Final Words

      Pipedrive is a smart CRM solution, and it’s flexible enough to meet the needs of a variety of different businesses while offering ease of use.

      While the decision on choosing the best CRM platform may come down to what fits your business needs and budget, the fact that Pipedrive has an attractive pricing plan, a host of top-notch features, a simple and easy-to-use interface, and a list of add-ons make it an excellent choice for both affordability and great functionality.

      And these reasons make it the best bet for small to mid-sized businesses who want to go up against the goliaths of their industries at a fraction of the cost.

      Let us know in the comments below how this CRM review article helps you.