8 Best Zapier Alternatives In 2023 [Free and Paid]

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      8 Best Zapier Alternatives In 2023 [Free and Paid]

      8' read
      8' read

      Some of the best Zapier alternatives for 2023 are Make, Workato, IFFT, Hubspot Operations Hub, Microsoft Power Automate, Outfunnel, and Tray.io.
      In the following article, we identified the best free and paid alternatives to Zapier to start automating your workflows without breaking the bank.

      zapier alternatives

      From simple data transfers between Google Sheets to more complex use cases, those tools offer more flexibility, better UI, and scalable pricing.

      Are you ready to stop wasting your time on repetitive tasks? Let’s go!

      What is Zapier?

      Zapier is a workflows automation platform also known as iPaaS(integration Platform as a Service). It’s a no-code platform that allows you to seamlessly integrate multiple applications/software when no native integrations are available.

      What are the best alternatives to Zapier for 2023?

      At a glance, the best Zapier alternatives are:

      1. Make (aka Integromat)
      2. Workato
      3. n8n.io
      4. IFFT
      5. Hubspot Operation Hub
      6. Microsoft Flow
      7. Outfunnel
      8. Tray.io

      1. Make (aka Integromat)

      best zapier alternative make.com homepage

      Make(formerly Integromat) is a visual workflow automation builder that allows you to connect your favorite apps through an easy-to-use interface. With Make, you can build hundreds of workflows or, as they call them, scenarios.

      The features that distinguish Make and make it one of the best Zapier alternatives in the market right now are:

      1. Their visual workflow builder
      2. Pricing is more linear as your business grows
      3. More flexibility when building workflows


      Make’s pricing is based on “operations,” they are the equivalent to zaps from Zapier.

      You can start completely for free and run 1,000 operations for $0/mo. After that, their pricing is split into three tiers:

      • Core starting at $9/mo
      • Pro starting at $16/mo
      • Teams starting at $29/mo
      • Enterprise, you need to contact sales

      make.com pricing tiers

      Signing up is super quick. Create your free Make account today!

      No. of Apps: 1250+


      • SMB friendly but robust for large businesses
      • Easily transfer but also transform your data(Data Virtualization)
      • The interface is much more intuitive than most iPaaS software
      • Cost-effective


      • Customer support may be slow to respond
      • Not many apps available in their integrations directory
      • Technical knowledge may be required for some integrations
      • The learning curve is a bit steep

      2. Workato – Best for large/enterprise businesses

      zapier alternatives - workato.com homepage

      Workato is another popular data integration and automation software, it’s being praised as a leader in the iPaaS space doing well over double in revenue from Zapier, according to Datanyze. It enables business and operations teams to connect their apps and automate workflows seamlessly.

      What makes Workato a great alternative to Zapier:

      • GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance) Workato ensures that all security and compliance concerns are addressed
      • ML and patented proprietary technology allows users to deploy automation workflows faster than conventional platforms
      • Advanced automations that caters towards enterprise/large businesses
      • Workbots a bot platform that allows you to build customizable workflows


      Workato compared to Zapier and other automate workflow builders/iPaaS does not disclose their pricing publicly, you need to request a quota directly from their sales team, through their website.

      No. of Apps: 1,000+


      • The UI is very user-friendly and easy to use
      • Caters towards simple and complex use cases both for technical and non technical people
      • No-code/Low-code


      • Pricing is dependent on your use cases and it can be really expensive
      • The learning curve is a bit steep
      • Some limitations on the API dependent on your use cases
      • No free trial

      3. n8n.io – Best free Zapier alternative for developers

      best free zapier alternative - n8n.io homepage

      Compared to all the other Zapier alternatives and Zapier itself, n8n.io is a free automation workflow builder if you use their desktop/self-hosted version.

      This comes with a fair-code distribution model, it’s the closest you can get to an iPaaS open source type of platform. They also have a paid cloud version which is probably the one you will be using.

      How n8n stacks against Zapier:

      • Free self-hosted/desktop version
      • Pricing is really competitive
      • Custom JavaScript code with the function nodes
      • Developer-friendly


      N8n.io come with both a free version and a paid version, their free version is a desktop/self-hosted application and their paid version is on the cloud.

      Their paid version has 3-tiers:

      • Start, €20/month(5K workflow executions, 20 active workflows)
      • Pro, €50/month(15K workflow executions, 100 active workflows)
      • Power, €20/month(60K workflow executions, 200 active workflows)

      The first two come with forum support, while the Power comes with email support.

      Create your n8n.io trial today, click here.

      No. of Apps: 360+


      • The UI is very user-friendly and easy to use
      • Caters towards simple and complex use cases both for technical and non technical people
      • No-code/Low-code


      • Steep learning curve for non-developer people
      • Not as user-friendly as other no-code tools
      • Not many tutorials and documentation
      • Apps library is not big enough

      4. IFTTT

      IFTTT or If This Then That is another popular automation tool that allows you to integrate various applications you use for your business using conditional logic. You simply choose a trigger, choose an action, name your automation or applet as they call them, and you are done!

      What makes IFTTT a great alternative to Zapier:

      • Much easier to use and learn
      • Unlimited applet runs compared to Zapier on their free plan
      • You can connect physical smart products as well


      IFTTT comes with a free forever plan, and it’s’ constrained on how many applets you can create, although you can run those applets unlimited times!

      In terms of paid plans, IFTTT offers 2 variations:

      • IFTTT Pro at €2,5/m, 20 Applets, multi-action applets, customer support
      • IFTTT Pro+ at €5/m Unlimited Applets, everything in Pro, Developer tools

      Check their full pricing breakdown here, or simply create your free-forever account.

      No. of Apps: 700+


      • Simple and easy to use to automate repetitive tasks
      • Support for physical smart devices
      • The free plan is the best to get started with automation


      • Not always 100% reliable depending on the apps you use
      • UI, in some cases, is not that user friendly
      • Not many integrations compared to other Zapier alternatives

      5. HubSpot Operations Hub

      HubSpot’s acquisition of PieSync, now called Operations Hub, is a complete solution to sync, clean, curate customer data, and automate tedious business processes. Allowing you to focus on what matters the most, the growth of your business.

      Why Operations Hub vs. Zapier:

      • Historical data sync, two-way data sync, real-time sync
      • Integrations to all supported apps on all plans
      • Great if you use HubSpot’s broader suites of tools


      Operations Hub offers a 14-day trial for their paid plans but also has a free plan you can use.

      Their paid plans are split into three editions:

      • Starter at $45/month (Custom field mapping, reporting dashboards, list segmentation, chat support)
      • Professional at $720/month (Starter + bots and automation features, data quality automation, more reports, webhooks)
      • Enterprise at $2,000/month (Pro + Datasets, data prep, calculations, snowflake data share)

      Create your free Hubspot Account and take advantage of Operations Hub today. Click here!

      No. of Apps: 100+


      • Best if you use other Hubspot Products
      • Two-way sync across your apps


      • Not many learning materials and resources
      • Not many integrations
      • Pricing is really expensive compared to other alternatives of Zapier

      6. Microsoft Power Automate

      Microsoft Power Automate, previously known as Microsoft Flows, is similar to Hubspot Operations Hub because it works well if you already use Microsoft products as part of your stack.

      However, it allows you to connect products outside the Microsoft ecosystems. It’s also similar to Workato, another Zapier alternative that utilizes RPA(Robotic Process Automation) aka bots, to carry out the automation tasks.

      How does Power Automate Compare to Zapier:

      • Uses AI/ML to build workflows seamlessly based on your business stack
      • If you use Microsoft products, it’s much better than Zapier
      • RPA utilization for efficiency
      • Pre-made automation templates


      Power Automate offers both subscription plans as well as pay-as-you-go plans and add-ons for the AI workflow builder:

      • Subscription plans(per user license) start at $15/per user per month and go up to $40/per user
      • Subscription plans(per flow) start at $100/month for 5 flows
      • Pay-as-you-go plans start at $0.60/per flow run

      Find the perfect plan for your business by checking their complete pricing breakdown here, or start for free today!

      No. of App integrations: 600+


      • AI workflow builders
      • Flexible pricing options
      • Free trial available


      • Steep learning curve
      • Navigation and UI are not user-friendly
      • Tailored for Microsoft products

      7. Outfunnel

      Outfunnel is a great Zapier alternative if you primarily use Zapier to connect the sales and marketing tools of your business stack. Outfunnel lets you keep customer data in sync across all your marketing and sales tools.

      Why Outfunnel is a great alternative to Zapier:

      • Tailored for marketing and sales organizations means more robust automation compared to Zapier
      • Works well with the biggest CRM solutions(Hubspot, Salesforce, etc) in the market
      • Provides marketing engagement data(lead scoring) to sales teams


      Outfunnel comes with a 14-day trial, and after that, you have 4 paid editions you can choose from:

      • Lite at $6/month(billed annually) 250 event runs and 2 connections limit
      • Starter starts at $19/month(billed monthly) 2,500 event runs 5 connections limit
      • Growth Start at $49/month(billed monthly) 15,000 event runs unlimited connections
      • Enterprise, custom pricing contact required.

      Start your free 14-day trial of Outfunnel today no credit card required; click here!

      No. of app integrations, including CRMs: 50+


      • Easy to setup integrations between your sales and marketing tools
      • Contact engagement data directly synced to your CRM
      • Support advanced automation workflows due to how narrow their integration list is
      • Additional tools like lead scoring, email marketing, and more


      • Not many integrations are available
      • Only CRM to X software
      • 14-day free trial instead of free usage plan compared to other alternatives to Zapier
      • No multi-app workflows

      8. Tray.io

      Tray.io is a low-code automation platform that allows you to quickly create business automation workflows to transform how your business processes data across various applications. It caters mostly to enterprise-level business with its advanced security and account management services.

      Why you should consider Tray.io against Zapier:

      • Complex workflows for large/enterprise-level businesses
      • Drag and Drop workflow builder to better visualize your flows as you build them
      • Top-notch support from automation engineers


      Tray.io has a free trial available, and for their pricing, you will need to contact them directly for a custom quote.

      Start your free trial or request a quote from Tray.io by clicking here.

      No apps available: 400+


      • Caters to many industries like eCommerce, SaaS, and many more
      • User-friendly workflow builder
      • Free-trial available


      • More expensive than all the other Zapier alternatives
      • It’s not a no-code platform
      • Lack of documentation for changes in APIs


      Can I use Zapier for free?

      Yes, Zapier offers a free plan of $0/m to start automating your work. Their free plan has some limitations, although it has everything you need to get started, 5 zaps available, and 100/task runs per month. Try Zapier for free by clicking here!

      Which is better, Make(formerly known as Integromat) or Zapier?

      Although Make markets itself as a great Zapier alternative, Zapier is better due to the number of integrations available on the Zapier App Marketplace, it means that with Zapier, you have more options to carry out your use cases.

      What are the best alternatives to Zapier?

      1. Make
      2. Workato
      3. n8n.io
      4. IFTTT
      5. HubSpot Operation Hub
      6. Microsoft Power Automate
      7. Outfunnel
      8. Tray.io
      9. Elastic.io
      10. Leadsbridge
      11. CloudHQ
      12. Integrately
      13. Zigi Ops
      14. API Fuse
      15. Actiondesk
      16. Huginn
      17. Zoho Flow
      18. Coupler.io
      19. Exalate
      20. Wyzebulb
      21. Celigo
      22. Boomi
      23. Cloud Elements
      24. Jitterbit
      25. Highways.io
      26. Breakout
      27. Happisales
      28. Butternut
      29. Pabbly Connect
      30. Automation 2.0 by DronaHQ
      31. AutomateMyApp
      32. Exalate
      33. Parabola

      What is Zapier used for?

      Zapier is used to transfer data between 1 or more applications, this is being done by their automation workflow builder, where you set up triggers and actions to carry out those data transfers.


      This sums up our article about the best Zapier alternatives on the market at the moment. Choosing an iPaaS/automation solution can be tricky, and it should always come down to what use cases you want to solve.

      For example, if you mainly want to integrate your marketing and sales stack, Outfunnel is a great option, whilst if you want a more customizable and developer-oriented solution, n8n.io might be worth a shot.